June 26, 2010

Where have I been.....

It's been some time since I've posted to my blog and in case anyone is wondering here's where I have been:

Took a week to travel the Colorado mountains with my cousin, Cynthia. She wanted to check out some mountain properties, so we made a driving trip of it. Traveled through Montrose, Telluride, Palisade, Glenwood Springs, Aspen and Vail. We had great weather and a lot of fun.

Then, my husband Mike and I took a cruise to Alaska. This was our first cruise and our first time to Alaska; we celebrated our 26th anniversary on the trip. All I can say is WOW!! Alaska was beautiful and we were pampered like royalty on the cruise. We chose Holland Anerica line for our cruise, wonderful cruise line, top notch.

I will be posting some pictures from the trip soon, still settling back into reality. Will also post some cards in the near future.

Thanks for reading my blog. Lucille :)

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AnitaRex said...

Someone has been busy! :> Nice to hear about your cruise!