November 20, 2011

Another Starbucks Christmas card

I continue to make Starbucks Christmas cards. I have been so inspired by the images on Starbucks to-go cups. Fortunately the people I work with drink a lot of this coffee ($3:00 plus a cup). I love this ice skating image. I grew up ice skating in the winter, we skated outside at Grover Cleveland Park. There was a little house next to the pond where we could go inside to get warm and put our skates on. The park staff (or volunteers, not really sure about this) always gave us free hot chocolate while we skated. I loved doing the whip and flying into the snow on the side of the pond, what fun and fond memories I have of winter :)


Lisa Petrella said...

This is SO FESTIVE and FUN, Lucille!!! LOVE how you used the image from the Starbucks cup----AWESOME way to recycle!!! And those snowflakes are just GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

This card is so cute. cynthia