May 13, 2018

My Mother

My mother, Rose Rizzo, was wonderful  She was everything a good mother should be.  She always took care of my father, my brother and me and always put us first.  She loved us very much and always told us so.  When I was a child she would set up paper and crayons and draw animals and nature so I could learn how to draw and color, always giving me praise for my creations.  She would walk around the house singing and give me a hug.  Everyone loved Rosey, we always had relatives and friends over and of course my beautiful, Italian mother would feed everyone.  She was a beautiful woman and I miss her terribly. xoxo


Aileen said...

Wonderful tribute to your mum, a hard day to get through when she's gone. Thinking of you and sending virtual hugs. My mum is still here but has disappeared into Alzehimers, my first year without her words and hugs so reaching out to others to just share a little love. Hugs aileen

Cat Craig said...

I too had a wonderful Mom who passed far to early. I miss her everyday.